Creating a high performing, sustainable OHS culture for superior  outcomes

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Organisational Goals and Focus

OHS Leadership Pty Ltd is a focal, dynamic consultancy service which adds value to businesses by working with leaders, from the Chief Executive to front line supervisors to achieve high quality, sustainable OHS outcomes.


3 Key Focus Areas

For High Performing OHS Culture

There are 3 key areas to be focused on when creating and maintaining a high performing OHS culture.

  • Leadership
  • Behaviour
  • Systems

With the aim of ensuring that all risks are assessed, prioritised and controlled to acceptable levels

8 Essential Elements

For Sustainable OHS culture

OHS Leadership believes there are 8 elements critical to achieving a high performing, sustainable OHS culture

  • Informed
  • Learning
  • Caring
  • Integrated

We add value by ensuring that the systems, tools, activities and behaviours for each of these elements are clearly articulated, applied and reviewed.

OHS Leadership can assist you in achieving and maintaining outstanding OHS outcomes


Some Of Our major Clients
  • BlueScope Steel
  • Integral Energy
  • Special Commission of Inquiry into the Waterfall Rail Accident
  • POSCO (South Korea)

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